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Domaine Felines Jourdan

Felines Jourdanarton10The Domaine Félines Jourdan belongs to the Jourdan’s family since 1983. Wine-producers for several generations in the Languedoc area, our family has the passion of the vines and we use all our knowledge to do the best wines. Our vineyards are located in an ideal geographical area, at the edge of the Thau lagoon on the Mediterranean coast. They benefit from cool marine breezes, ensuring the quality of our wines. The region is truly unique, a cool Terroir that is ideal for crisp whites and bright reds, and in particular for the Picpoul de Pinet.

Felines Jourdan1-claude-2In the winery, we use temperature-controlled stainless steel fermentation tanks to preserve the freshness of the wines. The richness of different grape varieties, local soils and methods of vinification, together with a blend of tradition and technology, give the wines their complexity and originality.

Our philosophy is simple: we look for phenolic maturity in all our grapes to ensure balanced and high-quality wines. Each year is different, so we adapt to what each vintage offers. To safeguard the local environment, a bird reserve and the Lagoon, we use nothing but sustainable agricultural methods. In addition, any wastes from our winery are collected in a holding lagoon. Every year, the estate follows the new technology, and use it with its traditional method. The cellar has stainless steel tank with temperature controlled, pneumatic press, air conditioning stock cellar, bottling line machine Traditional vilification, and the passion of a family winemakers, gives unique wine: the wines of the Domaine Félines Jourdan.

The Domaine de Félines, near Mèze village, is a plain which gently slopes down to the “Bassin de Thau”. The soil is mainly clay and chalk. The Mediterranean Sea caresses the vines on hot summer nights with moist breezes; the vines enjoy mild temperature variations and low rainfall. The highest altitude is 12 meter above the sea level. The Chardonnay is growing on the banks of the lagoon, at only 1 meter altitude, where we can see fish and flamingo. The sea bream is the local fish which is holding a feast with mussels and oysters.