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Domaine Des 3 Versants

Domaine des 3 Versants has been owned by the Bretonniere family for 4 generations. Located in the village of La Fevrie, on the banks of the Sevre River, the estate owns 15 hectares of choice, densely planted, south-facing Melon de Bourgogne vineyards on pure schist soils. The term “Versants” means hillsides. Bretonniere’s vineyard practice is lutte rainsonee, whereby a balanced natural ambiance is maintained and treatments are kept to an absolute minimum The vines are all selection massale and average 30 years of age, with the oldest parcel being 70 years old. Winemaker Yves Bretonniere harvests his grapes by hand, typcailly in late September, and then ferments in temperature-controlled, stainless-steel vats. Bretonniere uses only native yeasts. After fermentation, the young Muscadet is kept on its lees in tanks in the domaine’s underground cellar, through the winter, to preserve it’s freshness and fruity acidity. There is no malolactic fermentation. The wine is bottled with light filtration in early March. Yves Bretonniere is regarded as one of the leading young vignerons of the region, and his wines appear on the lists of many of the finest restaurants, both in his region and in Paris.

The Domaine des 3 Versants Muscadet offers crisp, lively citrus and mineral flavors and a bouquet reminiscent of the sea. This dry, zesty and electrically fruity Muscadet is a perfect match for oysters, scallops, all hors d’oeuvres, and curried Thai and Indian dishes.