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Domaine Clement

Isabelle and Pierre CLEMENT are delighted to present their Domaine to you. For fifteen generations our passionate family has striven to search for the quintessence of our marvelous terroir. The vineyards of Menetou-Salon probably date from the very first years of our era, but they are first officially mentioned around the year of 1000. From the XVI century to today, our name has always been closely linked to that of Menetou-Salon.

A large part of our vineyards consists of vines over 40 years of age. Like a memory of our terroir, they are tended with passion and care, and a respect for nature. The real gem of the vineyards of the Central Loire, the terroir of Menetou-Salon is unique. This terroir was born during the second geological period, and consists of Kimmeridgian limestone-clay, which we call the ‘Oreille de Poule’ – ‘chicken’s ear’ because of the shape of the clusters of little fossilised oyster shells.

The birth-place of the Sauvignon grape, the alliance here between the terroir and the climate is also ideal for Pinot Noir.

Our Domaine comprises of more than 60 hectares of vines, judiciously chosen over the best Clos of the 10 communes of the Appellation of Menetou-Salon. Two thirds is devoted to Sauvignon, and the rest to Pinot Noir. The vines are trained low and straight, with a density of 8000 plants per hectare.